Monthly commentary

August can often be a relatively quiet month on the UK property front as holidays are taken and purchases of property are usually put on the back burner.

Well, not this August! We have seen incredibly levels of enquiries this month as the pent up demand for UK property saw potential investors from across the globe contact us to discuss the exciting opportunities available.

Based on these conversations, we also noted varying types of questions across all parts of the property investment process. We therefore thought some jargon busting might be in order. We hope it helps but please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask any questions you may have.

UK property investment A-Z

Not sure of the difference between ROI and Gross yield? HMO or PBSA?

No need to worry as all covered here for you. To be honest, it’s definitely worth exploring what elements of the property investment arena are important to you. This guide will hopefully prove helpful but free personally tailored consultations are available so simply click on the link above and we be in touch if you require more detail.

Mortgage terms baffling you?

As with the terms used when referring to investment property, the investment mortgage terminology can also prove to be as murky. LTV, APR, API are just an example of acronyms you may hear thrown into conversations and often are done so on the assumption the investor has a clear and concise understanding. Based on our experience, we know this is not the case so read through of our jargon busters and please get in touch for a more detailed explanation.

Why now is a good time to become a buy to let landlord?

In many of my discussions with my clients we talk about the core fundamentals of the UK property market and why, when collated together as the sum of all parts, they result in an environment that is robust and equally resilient

When we also factor in relaxed ruled from lenders, tax breaks and continued increase in tenant demand, we start to realise why there has been such incredible interest in investing in the UK market.

More information from Property Wire here

Birmingham commercial progression

Birmingham’s ‘Big City Plan’ continues to gain momentum and for those invested in the city or considering doing so, it is important to keep up to date with the progress of the ongoing regeneration.

We posted the time lapse video below on LinkedIn recently and have done so again here for you. It is truly remarkable to witness four years of work condensed into just a couple of minutes and highlights the commercial transformation that Birmingham City centre is experiencing.

Monthly summary

In July’s update, we signed off with a request for August to replicate the increased levels of activity that July provided.

In fact, August has taken us several steps further with significant investment flowing into the market, particularly from the overseas expatriate and foreign national sector.

September shows no sign of this upward trend abating and for those mulling over their first purchase or those potentially wishing to expand their portfolios, now could be the perfect time.

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