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Welcome to our latest newsletter covering UK investment property news from the month of October.

The UK market continues to flourish with average prices rising by 5.8% across the month of October. Below you will find some further information on where and why people are investing right now, alongside the latest news on the Stamp Duty Holiday.

Furthermore, and relating to the above, we remind you of our opportunities where the stamp duty is paid for you, even, post the 31st March deadline with also included an update on our Educational sector cashback offer.

Most asked question of the month?

Where do we see the market in 2021?

This is a very interesting and pertinent question. Before the end of the year we will be compiling our summary of 2020 and looking forward to what 2021 potentially has in store.

At the moment, we see no change to the current buoyancy of the market. The underlying fundamentals remain intact in spite of COVID-19, these being the lack of quality city centre residential opportunities, the demise of the First Time Buyer market and the continued rise of “Generation rent”. All very good news for long term investors.

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The Top 10 locations for investors in the UK

The big three (Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool) remain firmly ensconced in the top three positions but there are some interesting candidates lurking elsewhere on the list.

The ongoing commercial activity in the largest cities will make it hard for them to be dislodged but it is encouraging to witness other towns and cities staking their claim. More information from Deadline news here.

Stamp Duty Holiday to be extended?

There are growing reports that the recently introduced Stamp Duty holiday may be extended beyond the 31st March 20210 initially implemented.

The exemption rule was announced with a view to ramping up interest in the UK property market following the initial lockdown in the Spring. It has been an undoubted success but due to it’s popularity has now caused a backlog of purchases all anxious to complete prior to the deadline. More information from Yourmoney here.

Thrive will extend for you anyway…..

The great news is that Thrive has reached agreement with selected developers whereby the stamp duty deadline will be extended even if the UK government decides not change the original date. Reserve now and stamp duty will be paid regardless of when you complete!

A thank you to those in the Educational Sector

You may recall from September’s newsletter that we introduced a cashback incentive offer to those working within the Educational sector. Children across the world have had their education interrupted throughout 2020 and schools, colleges and universities have rallied to ensure that our children have continued to receive the ability to learn and develop that all children deserve.

The campaign has been such a success that we will extend this through until the end of November and encourage you to get in touch for more information.

Please email [email protected] to arrange a discussion with one of our consultants.

Construction industry will not be affected by UK Covid-19 restrictions

We delayed our newsletter this month awaiting news in relation to the UK construction industry amidst the tightening of UK Covid-19 regulations.

We were very confident that the industry would be protected and thankfully this has proven the case.

The UK Government is acutely aware of the need for the UK property market to maintain it’s continued growth curve which is extremely positive news for existing and new investors.

More information here from

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