About Us

Thrive Property Investment delivers a national portfolio, 
offering a nationwide perspective of key regional markets across the country.

Our history

Founded in 2019 by Colin Gray, Thrive was instigated to build on the personal relationships with his clients that Colin has built, following fifteen years spent working in the industry. Helping clients to build, manage and maintain their portfolios is at the forefront of the Thrive philosophy. 

Please feel free to contact Colin:

Investment opportunities

We have healthy, strong working relationships with a range of the top developers that are investing significantly in some of the UK’s major cities. All opportunities are stringently researched before being recommended to investors. We provide in-depth knowledge of locations harnessed with potential growth opportunities as we know this is critical to the success of any property investment portfolio, large or small.

Global commitment

The UK property market is one that appeals greatly to investors across the globe. We understand this and along with our dedicated business partners, we are able to offer our services to all regions worldwide. Our client bank is diverse offering the same commitment and service, whether you are in the UK, SE Asia, the Middle East and beyond.

What do we offer our clients?

Our services are designed to offer solutions for all types of property investor. From the skilled and experienced landlord to first time investors, our expertise and experience is on hand to guide you through all aspects of the ownership process. 

Indeed, we take our commitment seriously and even once the transaction is complete, we remain on point assisting our investors on the next stages of the ownership journey. Professional management of the property is assured, resulting in a hands off investment vehicle for our clients and peace of mind that their portfolio is in safe hands. Our services include:
Initial assessment
Individually tailored recommendations
Existing portfolio reviews
Individually sourced opportunities
Full mortgage and finance services
Fully managed tenant and property management service
Innovative payment options
UK bank accounts

Our commitment to you

With property being long since established as an asset class that stands the test of time, our experience in the property investment sector allows us to source and introduce innovative opportunities focusing on the happy marriage of long-term growth and attractive income yields.

At Thrive, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients, focusing on a partnership that will last the length of the investment and beyond. Understanding your needs is the key to success and we ensure all prospective investors receive an individually tailored service.

Thrive’s Commitment to our Clients and Investors

At Thrive we focus on the long term. Long-term relationships resulting in property investment portfolios that offer opportunities for growth and security.

Hands-free Management

Thrive offers access to a hands-free service from reservation through to completion and beyond. All aspects of the property investment sphere are catered for, including property sourcing, legal assistance, mortgage selection and the ongoing, day to day management of your property.

High Quality Developments and Specifications

We work with some of the largest developers in the UK, maintaining a strong focus on delivering opportunities that are of the highest quality. We value quality and our developments benefit from high end specifications throughout, both internally and externally.

Desirable and In Demand Locations

Backed by extensive research and due diligence our aim is to source and identify projects and developments located in areas that are high in demand. We want your portfolio to thrive and grow so allow our experience to assist you as your portfolio builds in line with your individual needs and requirements.
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