The UK’s Capital and most popular place to invest

For the past three decades, investment in property in Central London has been regularly viewed and utilised as a safe haven. Both UK and international investors have directed their focus and funds to the city as an alternative to experiencing the turbulence that can be cause when investing in other asset classes. Although the London property market can go down as well as up, historically it has followed an upward trend and whilst in recent years this has stagnated a little, present indications suggest that positive changes are afoot.

Investing in new developments in Central London has also become increasingly popular as the homes being constructed are designed to appeal to busy executives looking for convenience, security, luxury accommodation and are therefore comparatively easy for investors to rent out.

Selecting a developer with a proven track record is key as quality of construction will be imperative to ensure scope for long term capital growth whilst providing an appealing home to potential tenants.

Furthermore, investors, keen to take advantage of the region, have in recent times, sought out value in the towns and cities that sit within the commutable belt around the UK’s capital. The Crossrail project is drastically reducing travel times into the city thus allowing for commuters to seek value in the outer regions.

Areas such as Luton, Peterborough and Southend have all seen jumps in value and areas such as Reading, Basingstoke and Chelmsford are now offering opportunities for affordable luxury living, scope for capital growth and for potential tenants, an excellent commutable experience.

Therefore, London and the commutable areas surrounding the city, offer an extremely viable alternative for investors. A very wise choice for any diversified portfolio.

Should I invest in London property?

Whether investing in the centre of the capital itself or the increasingly popular commutable towns and cities, surrounding it; London will always be an option for any investor aspiring for capital growth with their portfolio.

Excellent yields can be achieved in areas that offer commutable journeys starting at just 25 minutes for instance, from towns such as Reading and Slough.

London Key Facts

Sales Market

Property price growth between 2019 and 2023 forecast by Savills


Average apartment price in London

Rental Market

Rise in private renting in London by 2025 predicted by PwC


30% of London households were rented privately in 2017/18

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