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Some quick fire answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in 2023!

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I have not been in the UK for many years, does this mean I cannot buy?

Not a problem at all. Expatriates and overseas nationals can purchase in the UK. Your current employment status and access to a deposit are the key contributing factors.

I live in China, am I guaranteed to get a mortgage?

Nobody is guaranteed to get a mortgage but residing in China will not make or break the decision. As with above, employment status and access to deposit funds are determining factors in lenders agreeing to lend. Selecting a property in a location appealing to mortgage lenders will also be a factor.

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Where should I buy in the UK?

This will be very much driven by individual budget, but our stance remains the same as it has for many years. Location should have strong commercial activity to ensure steady streams of tenancy and potential for capital and rental increases. Thought must also be given to ensuring access to excellent connectivity routes.

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I’m saving for a deposit; how much do I need?

Buying from overseas will usually require a minimum of a 20% deposit although access to a higher deposit can often allow for a greater choice of lenders and lower mortgage rates.

I’m not from the UK, can I still invest?

Yes, the UK allows purchase from non-UK passport holders. In fact, the UK is one of the most popular global locations for overseas investment. A robust legal process married with clear exit strategies attract investors from all over the world.

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How stable is the UK market now, is it a good time to buy?

We’ve touched on this on many occasions. A good time remains different for us all but from a generic perspective, the UK market has proven over time to provide excellent returns and the UK rental market has never been stronger. Mortgage rates have risen but they were never going to remain at the artificial lows caused by a financial crisis and a pandemic. Those who wait for the perfect storm tend to miss out and never actually invest.

How does an off-plan purchase work?

In short, a purchase is made, and a price is agreed prior to the completion of the property being built. Positives often include a discount on the purchase price and ample time is provided to build a deposit. Waiting for rental income can be a little frustrating but no mortgage is payable until completion occurs and your tenant moves into your property.

Should I buy an investment property with a limited company?

A more and more popular choice and there are tax advantages that can be gained for landlords building a property of more than one property. A much more affordable process than it was historically and worth exploring for more aspirational investors owning more than one property.

What is a service charge?

This relates to leasehold properties in the UK (usually apartments) and is a cost that all landlords will pay to ensure the communal and external areas of the building are continually maintained. Lobby areas, concierge, elevators and garden areas all fall under this charge.

What happens if I cannot get a tenant?

Not securing a tenant is often referred to as a ‘void period. Fortunately, with the rental market so strong in the UK, void periods are at an all time low. With a detailed purchase strategy in place, i.e., desirable location etc, investors are unlikely to experience void periods. For those that do, ensuring they budget for mortgage costs and utility bills is a must.

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