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How can I purchase property in the UK without the need of a mortgage and be guaranteed to be accepted?

We are continually asked about mortgage sourcing for expatriates and foreign nationals, i.e. Do I qualify for a mortgage? What deposit do I need? I am based in China, will I get a mortgage? etc, etc….

The answer is often yes but can be time consuming and this does not appeal to all.


What if there was a way to purchase a UK investment property that guaranteed finance for anyone, required no paperwork, has no qualifying criteria and was available no matter where you are located. 

Would you be interested?

A typical mortgage term is 25 years so quite some time before you own your property outright. 

How about owning outright in as little as seven years?

Still interested?

By following the investment method introduced below, we can achieve the following goals:

Own a brand-new property in the UK built to the highest specifications.

Innovative payment structure; save your deposit monthly – no lump sums if preferred.

NO mortgage required

Fully managed tenant service.

Significant growth opportunity.

Purchasing with NO mortgage – how does it work?

This unique opportunity offers investors to purchase property in the UK without the need of borrowing monies by the way of a mortgage. The developer will assist with the funding and this is guaranteed, not matter where you live or your nationality.

Points of note:

You purchase the property the same as any other residential or investment purchase in the UK with your name on the land registry.

NO mortgage required.

You, the investor, contribute 65% of the purchase price which is built over a 24-month period. The developer, at completion, will fund the remaining 35%. No credit checks or forms to complete.

The rental income paid by the tenant will be paid directly to the developer for 5-7 years to repay the 35%. At the end of this period, the property is now owned outright.

You can expedite the repayment period by paying in further funds at any time without penalty.

Full tenancy sourcing and management provided by the developer.

Legal representation for the purchase is provided.

Step by step guide to invest

Step 1:

Identify a unit that is in accordance with your desired location within the development.

Step 2:

To secure the unit, you pay a reservation deposit of 5%. Please remember this is a deposit and not a fee. This payment forms part of the purchase price. In addition, the purchase price is now locked in, so any growth attained over the build period, is yours.

Step 3:

A 65% deposit is then divided into 24 monthly payments which is paid usually by standing order. It will provide you with a 70% deposit at the end of the 24-month saving period.

Step 4:

30% is then funded INTEREST FREE by the developer and completion will take place at the end of the 24-month period. You are now the legal owner of the property.

Step 5:

Once the property is complete, there is a fully managed tenancy service for you to take advantage of.

Therefore, no issues with having to worry about finding a tenant. It is all done for you!

A truly unique way of investing and for those based abroad and feel it is a struggle to enter the UK market, this is the answer for you.

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