Summer 2023 News Summary

The UK summer can often prove to be a quiet time for the property market but not in 2023. The fight against inflation married with the cost of living crisis have combined to provide us with a number of interesting topics to discuss. We have seen the BOE base rate continue to increase with a view to combating inflation. Conversely, we are now seeing the beginning of a 'rate war' as lenders reduce their rates as confidence returns to the market.

News below on all of this plus updates on the UK property shortfall, the latest on the thriving UK rental market alongside a reminder of how the Smithfield regeneration project in Birmingham is looking to change the vision of the city forever.

The Independent reports on the continued rise in UK rental market levels. A knock-on effect from the squeeze on the first time buyer market as reports show people are renting for longer before jumping onto the property ladder.

What is the Smithfield regeneration project and how will this change the landscape of Birmingham forever? The official site is well worth a visit.

For investing in the region, more information here on an exciting brand new scheme.

Savills research articles are always an excellent source of information. Here is their Q2 update on the UK property shortfall and the Build to Rent sector.

After weeks of doom and gloom in the UK media following the BOE's plan to reduce inflation, it is extremely encouraging to see banks taking a step forward to re-energise the mortgage sector. Nearly all high street lenders have made significant reductions in their rates in the past week. The FT reports more here.

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